Detect Fraudulent Documents

All the tools you need in one place to evaluate documents and fight fraud.

Simple Developer Experience

Evaluate documents with a simple API call

Integrating Inscribe’s API only takes a few minutes and you can immediately start evaluating your documents with a quick API call.

Receive a detailed evaluation

Our API response contains a confidence score, a detailed fraud analysis, and all the other important information you need for further processing.

Inscribe's Three Pillars of Detection


Check for font discrepancies, inconsistent dates in metadata, and other artifacts to uncover malicious tampering.


Cross-check information such as addresses and salaries between documents and other information provided by the customer.


Compare documents against public and private databases for known fraudulent phone numbers, pay-stub designs, and other revealing signs of fraud.

Inscribe works with all kinds of documents

Bank Statements


Pay Stubs

Utility Bills

Tax Forms


Asset Documentation


Our Dashboard

Analyze customers and their documents
Manage document evaluation thresholds
Manage blacklists of known fraudulent customers

Trust more customers and grow your business with Inscribe