Detect fraudulent documents

Supercharge your manual review team to detect more fraudulent documents.

Trusted by industry leading operations teams

High-impact teams use Inscribe to reduce fraud.
“The tool is so fast and simple to use that it enables Amount to augment our normal processes and detect fraud much more efficiently.”
John Lynch, Senior Director of Fraud & Verification Services
— Amount
“Inscribe is an essential part of our fraud stack. Without Inscribe, our fraud operations team would need to make judgment calls on each document. With Inscribe, we’re able to quickly make fact-based judgments about the validity of a document.”
Grace Gallagher, Fraud Manager
— Petal
“Inscribe saves so much unnecessary work, literally thousands of hours, and it’s a no brainer to use it. The payback is unequivocally ROI positive.”
Mike Mulrooney, Project Director of Operational Efficiency
Crédito Real


Reduce fraud, accept more applicants, and grow faster

Reduce fraudulent applications

Detect more fraudulent documents and reduce human error with our advanced data forensics methods.

Reduce processing times

Validate legitimate documents in seconds and flag those which need manual intervention.

Maintain scalability

Scale your capacity without scaling your operational costs by using our automated fraud review process.


A dedicated team building software to help you detect more fraud.

$40M+ fraud caught/month and growing


Detectors built from experience

Inscribe works with some of the top lenders, banks, and payment processors in the world, along with household name marketplaces and numerous Fortune 500s. Our detectors are based on hundreds of thousands of real-world examples and enable your company to become truly fraud-proof.


Detect the fraud your best analyst is missing

Document fraud is often not visible to the human-eye. Machines can perform checks with superhuman accuracy and speed, and ours do just that.


API & investigation tool

Use our API as a flagging tool and perform enhanced document investigations with our web app. Operations teams love our web app, and developers love our API.

A complete toolset

Everything you need to detect fraudulent documents in a purpose-built product.


Can I trust this document?

Use Inscribe to instantly determine if you can trust a document before wasting even a second more on a customer you won’t approve.

File Forensics

Examine every detail of a document including the file structure and pixels to uncover evidence of fraud.

Metadata Analysis

Uncover traces of suspicious behavior and attributes in the metadata of documents.


Catch repeat offenders and intelligently track key details automatically.


Is the information correct?

Use Inscribe to extract and match details so you can automatically process applications.


Automatically extract key details such as name, address, dates, and income.


Confirm key details in the document, such as name and address, match what you have on file.


Is the document valid?

Use Inscribe to ensure documents meet your document type and recency requirements, without even looking at them.

Document Type

Enforce a set of acceptable documents that your customers can upload and automatically enforce the requirement using Inscribe's document classifier.


Ensure documents were issued within a specified time frame using the date extracted from the document.

Enterprise ready

  • We are SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified.
  • Login with SSO, enable 2FA, and create scoped permissions.
  • API uptime is 99.9% to ensure you can run your business 24/7.


  • Integrating Inscribe’s API only takes a few minutes and you can immediately start evaluating your documents with a quick API call.
  • Our API response contains a true/false fraudulent flag, the parsed information, document class, and any matched verification inputs.